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The Havering Sports Collective aims to keep all schools in the London Borough of Havering joined together through PE and Sport. We create opportunities for developing relationships between primary and secondary schools through sports competition and leadership as well as providing CPD, Health and Safety advice and the most up to date information on how PE and School Sport can impact on learning and achievement. Physical education, physical activity and sport have been shown to impact positively on the extent to which young people feel connected to their school; the aspirations of young people; the extent to which positive social behaviours exist within school; and the development of leadership and citizenship skills (Stead & Neville 2010).  More physically fit children have improved brain function, higher academic achievement scores and superior cognitive performance than less fit children (Chaddock 2012).  As a Collective we are aiming to create this landscape for all young people through PE and competitive sport. Ofsted have produced a relevant study called “Going the extra mile” Excellence in competitive school sport. This documents an association between the wider success of the school and the quality of its competitive sports programmes. Academic attainment and quality of leadership were generally better in those schools with strong sport provision. The proportion of students achieving five or more GCSEs grades A* to C including English and mathematics was also higher in schools with stronger competitive sport than in those with weaker sport provision.

The Collective is using the secondary financial contribution to ensure that historical competitive events continue, that Havering is represented at a district level where appropriate and to provide opportunities to regularly update and train staff in the provision of high quality PE and sport.  Actual expenses go far beyond the contribution but we recognise that there is a substantial amount of goodwill where secondary schools provide facilities for primary school use. The primary school Head Teachers are very keen to have support from secondary schools, and welcome the opportunity to take pupils to various sites for competitions, as well as being able to invite young leaders into their own schools to assist in running activities. The organisation and relationships that we have created in Havering have been used as examples of good practice both across London and Nationally.

Event Information
    • Girls Football Festival

      Girls Football Festival – Years 3/4 Date: Thursday 9th May Venue: PlayFootball, Romford Registration:  09.30am Start: 10.00am End: 3pm Team Size: 5-a-side.  Read more →

    • Tennis – Years 3/4

      Tennis – Years 3/4 Date: Wednesday 1st May Venue: Grosvenor Tennis Club, Upminster Registration:  11.30am Start: 12noon End: 3pm Team Read more →

    • Basketball

      Basketball – Years 5/6 Date: Tuesday 2nd April Venue: Emerson Park Academy Registration: 09.00- 09.30am (do not arrive Read more →

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