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Primary Results 2018-2019

Results of our 2017-2018 competitions can be found here: Primary Results 2017-18

Competition Date Age Group 1st 2nd Full Results
Hi 5 netball 27th September Year 5&6
Parsonage Farm  Newtons High 5 Netball Results
Mixed football festival 2nd October Year 2  Parsonage Farm  St. Peter’s Year 2 Football Festival Results
Orienteering 9th October Year 6 Upminster Junior St. Joseph’s Primary Orienteering Results
Primary Panathlon 10th October Year 6 & under Drapers Brookside Harold Wood Panathlon Results
Handball Festival 31st October Year 5&6  Newtons Parsonage Farm  Handball Results
Cross Country 8th November Year 3&4 and Year 5&6 Year 3&4 Girls: Oakfields Montessori
Year 3&4 Boys: Upminster Junior
Year 5&6 Girls: St. Joseph’s
Year 5&6 Boys: St. Edward’s
Year 3&4 Girls: Upminster Junior
Year 3&4 Boys: Engayne
Year 5&6 Girls: Engayne
Year 5&6 Boys: Ardleigh Green Junior
Full Cross Country Team Results
Tag rugby school games 13th November Year 5&6 Nelmes Mead Tag Rugby School Games Results
Tag rugby festival 13th November  Year 5&6 Ardleigh Green Parsonage Farm Tag Rugby Festival Results
Sportshall Athletics 28th November Year 5&6  Ardleigh Green Junior St. Edward’s Full Year 5&6 SHA Results
Morning Results
Afternoon Results
Sportshall Athletics 29th November Year 3&4  Ardleigh Green Junior Benhurst  Full Year 3&4 SHA Results
Morning Results
Afternoon Results
Sitting Volleyball 6th December Years 5&6  Newtons Junior  Rise Park Junior  Sitting Volleyball Results
Boccia 17th January 2019 Year 6 & under  Harrow Lodge  Hylands  Boccia Results
New Age Kurling 31st January   Years 3&4  Harold Wood  Drapers Brookside 2  New Age Kurling Results
Sportshall Athletics 5th February Years 1&2  Year 1: Harrow Lodge
Year 2: Towers Infants
 Year 1: Gidea Park Primary
Year 2: St. Patrick’s
Year 1 Overall Results
Year 2 Overall Results
Girls Football 7th February Years 5&6  St. Mary’s   Rise Park Junior Girls Football Results 
Quicksticks Hockey 12th February Years 5&6  Branfil Newtons  Hockey Results 
Badminton Racket Pack Festival 26th February Years 5&6  Newtons  Scargill A  Racket Pack Results
Badminton Racket Pack Festival 27th February Years 5&6  Benhurst A Benhurst B   Racket Pack Results
Tag Rugby Festival 5th March Years 3&4  no overall winner no overall winner Tag Rugby Festival Results
Swimming Gala 12th March Years 5&6  St. Edward’s  Upminster Junior Swimming Gala Results 
Mixed Football Festival 14th March Years 1 & 2  no overall winner no overall winner Mixed Football Results 
Key steps 2 gymnastics 22nd March Years 3&4   Scotts  Harrow Lodge 1  Key Steps 2 Final Score Sheet 2019
Key steps 3 gymnastics 28th March Years 5&6  Towers Blue Clockhouse   Key Steps 3 Results 2019
Basketball 2nd April Year 5&6  Parsonage Farm Ardleigh Green Junior   Basketball Results
Dance Festival 3rd April Years 6 & under  non competitive non competitive
Dance Festival 10th April Years 6 & under  non competitive non competitive
3 Tees Cricket 11th April Years 1&2
Rapid Fire Cricket 11th April Years 3&4 Parsonage Farm Ardleigh Green Junior
Tennis 1st May  Year 3&4
Girls Football Festival 9th May Years 3&4
Boys Cricket 22nd May Year 5&6 James Oglethorpe Rise Park Junior Boys or Best Kwik Cricket Results 2019
Orangeball Tennis 23rd May  Years 5&6
Quad Kids 6th June Year 5&6 Year 5: Ardleigh Green Junior
Year 6: St. Edward’s
Year 5: St. Edward’s
Year 6: Ardleigh Green Junior
Year 5 & 6 Quad Kids Results
Girls Cricket 12th June Years 5&6 James Oglethorpe Parsonage Farm Girls Kwik Cricket Results 2019
Quad Kids 18th June Years 3&4 Year 3: Ardleigh Green Junior
Year 4: Nelmes
Year 3: Harrow Lodge
Year 4: Benhurst
Year 3 & 4 Quad Kids Results
Tri Golf 20th June Years 3&4 Benhurst
Quad Kids 27th June Years 1&2 Year 1: Upminster Infants
Year 2: Towers Infants
Year 1: Harrow Lodge
Year 2: Harold Wood
Year 1 & 2 Quad Kids Results
 Orienteering Festival (Upminster)  11th July Years 3&4 non competitive non competitive

Red denotes School Games Competition

Event Information
    • Girls Football Festival

      Girls Football Festival – Years 3/4 Date: Thursday 9th May Venue: PlayFootball, Romford Registration:  09.30am Start: 10.00am End: 3pm Team Size: 5-a-side.  Read more →

    • Tennis – Years 3/4

      Tennis – Years 3/4 Date: Wednesday 1st May Venue: Grosvenor Tennis Club, Upminster Registration:  11.30am Start: 12noon End: 3pm Team Read more →

    • Basketball

      Basketball – Years 5/6 Date: Tuesday 2nd April Venue: Emerson Park Academy Registration: 09.00- 09.30am (do not arrive Read more →

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