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    YST Political Update 05.05.17 – extract on PE and Sport Premium

    Primary PE and Sport Premium

    Youth Sport Trust Members and Headteacher Ambassadors have been asking for further information on the Primary PE and Sport Premium (PE&SP). Colleagues will have followed previous DfE and budget announcements over the course of the last year which had indicated a doubling of the primary PE and Sport Premium from September 2017 until the end of the previous parliamentary term in 2020. This was to be funded by the soft drinks industry levy (aka the ‘sugar tax’). This pledge was confirmed in a Westminster Hall debate by Nick Gibb in January 2017 and again in the recent March 2017 budget (where a further £415m Healthy Pupils Capital Fund was also announced).

    The snap general election and the associated purdah will now unfortunately delay any official announcement on the precise funding arrangements and the terms and conditions of the PE&SP grant. The party manifestos have not yet been published so parties’ policies and the election result mean the situation beyond June 8th is currently unclear. However, if you follow the predicted polls and the current government is returned then it is probably unlikely that the current policy will not be upheld. After the election there may also be a ministerial re-shuffle across government which could lead to further hiatus as new ministers review their briefs and work through their priorities and decision logs. Again it is unclear but the situation may remain unchanged business as usual and therefore be able to be expedited more quickly.

    From our conversations with the DfE their hope would be to give schools clarity as soon as possible after June 8th as they are very aware of schools having to make spending decisions ahead of the autumn term. If there is relatively little change then they will be aiming to issue some broad principles to schools in June and hopefully more precise details before the end of the summer term. This is all heavily dependent on all of the above. Our advice to schools so far has been to expect further funding but not a straight doubling. There may be some targeting of part of this funding against particular groups (FSM pupils for example) and towards reviewing and strengthening the accountability arrangements. As soon as we know any more on this, or the Healthy Pupils Capital Fund, after June the 8th we will look to communicate with colleagues further.

    Information on Sport Premium

    The P.E. and sport premium is designed to help primary schools improve the quality of the P.E and sports activities they offer for their pupils.

    Sports premium is government funding of £150 million per annum for academic year 2016/2017. These provide new primary school sport funding to help schools with sports education, health, culture and media, by giving £8,000 to each school, the aim is to improve the quality of sport and P.E for all school children.

    The sports premium helps the sports collective to help you and your children gain more health and sports knowledge.

    The sports collective can help you more because of the sports premium; we can now help you with;

    • Sports coaching for many sports
    • Play-leader training for your student leaders and dinner ladies.
    • Teacher support and training (CPD training in many sports).
    • Crew training for young leaders to organise sports events for your school (level 1 competition).
    • Training and help with change4life sports clubs.
    • To run and organise your sports competitions for all students to participate in.
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